Blow Spinner

Our novel Spin Blower device takes the utility of electrospinning and will offer it in a compact portable package. Based on the same technology used to create our OmegaSkin™, our spin blower enables users to electrospin scaffolds in situ, allowing delivery of a wide range of therapeutics. Using our Liquid Skin, soy-based water-soluble scaffolds can be created and applied in a no-touch format directly to the patient.

No-Touch Application

Our lightweight, hand-held, no-touch spin blower is a remote application medical device utilizing swappable syringes in its chamber to deliver single or multiple therapeutic products. This device will apply our water-soluble, soy-based, extracellular matrix skin scaffold and/or other commercial therapeutic compounds...

Spin Blower application of skin on knuckle demonstrating stability of OmegaSkin™.

Timelapse Spin Blower application of liquid OmegaSkin on patient’s arm.