“Heals Like The Skin You’re In”


NeuEsse Inc.’s mission is to enhance outcomes and quality of life for patients who have suffered wounds, burns, skin disrupting ulcers, and other skin/epidermal injuries by applying OmegaSkin™, our novel scaffold dressing, onto injured, diseased, traumatized, and aging skin.

Our innovative technology is designed to target the unmet needs in multiple Wound Treatment scenarios including, Decubitus (“bedsores”) Pressure Ulcers, Diabetic Foot Ulcers, Biopsies, MOHS Surgery, Chronic and Acute Wounds, and Burns.


The execution of our mission includes methods to improve patient treatment by applying a plant-based human skin substitute occlusive dressing at the point of injury in any environment. OmegaSkin is designed to be immediately available off-the-shelf sheets that are pre-made and require no special storage or handling; or by the use of our handheld “no-touch” application device. This portable device enables the delivery of OmegaSkin and/or optional therapeutics to a patient at any point of injury or treatment location. The application device is designed to reduce application pain in wound patients where direct manual treatments can be painful.


Our OmegaSkin™ will provide off-the-shelf solutions in pre-manufactured sheets and a handheld portable device for no-touch applications of our Liquid Skin and other commercial therapeutics.