Our products are manufactured using state-of-art electrospinning methodologies for patient application via two formats:

OmegaSkin – Pre-spun sheets of various sizes and shapes for storage, retention and immediate off the shelf application.

Spin Blower – Handheld portable spin blower of liquid “skin” for application in virtually any place that an injury might occur.

OmegaSkin, utilizes a water-soluble soy isolate solution of plant-based protein, spun into a mesh or scaffold, generating an extracellular matrix for wound dressing/covering for wound closure. The covering is applied directly into the wound bed, absorbs the exudate and provides a structure that supports native tissue healing. Because of the widespread global availability of raw materials, the risk of a dramatic scale-up is mitigated.

OmegaSkin is fully compliant for wound care with religious or cultural beliefs and restrictions, unlike other skin substitutes that are produced from bovine, porcine, or cadaverous sources, that can be used by billions of potential global patients. OmegaSkin is electrospun into large sheets for shelf storage and immediate application.

Alternatively, it can be applied by our revolutionary spin blower device for “no-touch” application. Utilizing the same technique, we use to manufacture OmegaSkin, our Spin Blower device allows for users to generate scaffolds in situ using either our liquid skin or other commercial therapeutics.

Two Target Market Examples