OmegaSkin utilizes a soybean plant-based protein, spun into a mesh patch or scaffold, generating an extracellular matrix for wound closure. The dressing is applied directly into and adheres to the wound bed, absorbs the wound exudate, and provides a structure that supports native tissue healing. Our plant-based dressing provides a readily available, off-the-shelf solution that has been seen to promote wound closure with less scarring in preclinical trials1. OmegaSkin is completely derived from natural plant-based proteins, unlike other autologous skin substitutes, produced from bovine, porcine, or cadaverous sources that are restricted from the use by millions of potential global patients due to religious or cultural beliefs.


OmegaSkin is electrospun into standard or custom-sized sheets for shelf storage and immediate application.

Soy Based

Our skin substitute, OmegaSkin™, utilizes soy protein isolate to generate a high-tech extra-cellular matrix or scaffold to meet the need to provide an affordable, “off the shelf”, scaffold for wound...

1: Yah-el Har-el et al., “Electrospun Soy Protein Scaffolds as Wound Dressings: Enhanced Reepithelialization in a Porcine Model of Wound Healing,” Wound Medicine 5 (2014): pp. 9-15,