When a severe wound or burn is inflicted on a warfighter in the battlefield or trainingor to a veteran in non-active duty, the current treatment to repair the damage is surgical mesh-grafting of skin either harvested from the patient’s own body or from cadavers, placental materials, animals or other sources. The harvested skin requires a time-consuming and inefficient decellularized and reacellularized (grownprocess in a sterile lab which then is grafted to cover or dress the wound/burn. Most importantly, this process cannot be performed in a warzone where immediate treatment, complete coverage and reduction of infection is mandatory 

The current single chamber technology provides the first two benefits (below); while the multi-chamber will provide all three benefits in virtually any environment (battlefield, evacuation, field hospitals, VA centers, etc.): 

  1. Can administer multiple treatment options at the point of injury/care within the battle area before or during medical evacuation utilizing handheld spin blower delivery device for skin, anti-bleeding topical agents and a combination product directly to affected area in a “no-touch” format.   
  2. Will cover and protect damaged areas, repair and/or stabilize soft tissue wounds and burns to mitigate tissue damage and the prevention and/or mitigation of wound or burn infections and disease in austere environments, pre- and out-of-hospital, en-route/evacuation and other warfighters and VA care facilities. 
  3. Allows medical staff to dial up combination products from anti-bleeding therapeutics to antimicrobials, skin and impregnated occlusive combination dressing for battle field to field-based hospitals and the VA system providing a multi-faceted delivery at the point of trauma/care and beyond for our warfighters  
Value Proposition for Warfighters

The proposed improvements to the handheld delivery prototype will enable immediate personalized medicine application to stop bleeding, prevent infection and apply a therapeutic occlusive skin substitute to warfighter wounds and burns. This will allow closure and healing using a ”no-touch” delivery device while extraction from warzones to more suitable care locations.